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Equipping Leaders Around The Gospel & Community

"I'll help you lead your urban community towards wholeness around Jesus" 

6-months, Limited to 13 people

$155 / Month or $900 


Session Overview

What do you usually find in a home? Or at least, although it may not characterize our experiences of home, what do we wish home to be? Offers safety, purpose, belonging, formation, pursuit, flourishing— all of these words are words we would use to describe what we dream ‘home’ to be. The Church is the household of God; the family of God. In a world dominated by a sense of lostness, displacement and anxiety, the household and family of God must be leaders in creating spaces and ministry efforts that foster compelling hospitality, where strangers become family, enemies become friends and wholeness emerges from brokenness. The participants of this cohort are compelled by the absence of commitment to place; where they are -- and the narrative of the people of that place to drive the ministry that occurs in that place.

1. Understanding a theology of place. The narrative of all the scripture is the loss and recovering of intimacy between God and creation. Place and space play an integral part of that restoration. From the Garden of Eden, to the promised land, to Jerusalem, the final and ultimate place God has prepared for his people—  we will explore the irreplaceable importance of place and space in the story of God recovering intimacy with His creation.

2. From theology to practice: a different take on discipleship. Once we discover the significance of place in our discipleship, we’ll quickly realize that our own personal spiritual journeys and our leadership in ministry will demand a slower, more intentional approach. In this session we will explore the thoughts and strategies of Jesus as he spiritually and socially formed Peter in Luke 5.

3. Learning the community narrative. We can’t love our cities and neighborhoods if we don’t know our cities and neighborhoods. In this sessions we will explore why designing your ministry efforts around both the life of Jesus and the narrative of your context is deeply important. We will also look through a few tools to help us discover the things that have shaped our own narrative as well as our cities.

4. Developing community-minded leaders. It was once told to me that as leaders ‘we teach what we know, but we reproduce what we are.’ Our cities and neighborhoods need spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders that are serious and intentional about social engagement. In this session we explore the key elements to developing those kinds of leaders.

5. Leading your family in an urban/city context. For some of us, our biggest fear is how will this impact our families. Will we be able to endure the pace and the uncensored nature of the city? Are we imposing too much on our kids? What do we do when the needs and brokenness of the city impact our family? In this session, I will bring in my wife, Anna Perez to help facilitate a practical conversation about leading a family through the dynamics of the city.

6. Ministry in the tension. There is no denying that ministry in any context, especially inner city, urban contexts can produce many tensions. How can we navigate the tensions of slow, intentional, not-always-yielding-fruit kind of ministry? In this session we’ll spend some time talking practical approaches.

About Rich

Accepting the call of Jesus at a young age, Rich has always had a heart and deep love for the community of Washington Heights. It was in his early twenties that Rich felt the compelling desire and call to be a pastor and ultimately plant a church in the very place he was born and raised.

In 2011, Christ Crucified Fellowship was born and Rich’s love for all forms of art, (music, literature, storytelling) have been instruments of displaying the goodness and peace of God in the city. Jesus is the heartbeat of him and the congregation alike.

Rich is the author of Mi Casa Uptown; a memoir of his experiences growing up in the inner city of New York and the intersection between faith, family, identity and the significance of place. He currently lives in Inwood, with his wife Anna and their two children, Josiah and Hayden.

Who is this for?

  • Pastors and Church leaders looking to discover language and practice around their context becoming their ‘home’ and ‘mission’.

What do I get?

  • 6 live monthly video calls with your small group, 2 hours of teaching and Q/A (via Zoom Meeting)

  • Private online community (via Slack) to collaborate with Rich and group (13 people max)

  • 1 60-minute coaching call with Rich

  • Access to video sessions, to rewatch or
    if you missed a call

  • Opportunity for a monthly 'Peer-to-Peer' Video Call

What do I invest?

  • $155/month or $900 one-time (USD)

  • Participation on live coaching calls for at least 5 of 6 months

  • Engagement in ‘Slack’ online community, sharing questions, ideas, and goals

  • Read books or articles Rich recommends for the sessions

The Steps

1. Apply, then pay 1st monthly payment (upon acceptance) before the group is full (13 spots). 

2. We set you up in your online group, where you can ask questions and connect (via 

3. Start 1st video call on July 27th, growing with Rich over 6 months and becoming who God wants you to be.


Here is the group session schedule: From 10AM-Noon EST, on Fridays: July 27th, August 31st, September 21st, October 19th, November 30th, December 14th. If you can't make a session, you will have access to a video recording. 

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