Mark Clark

Leadership, Communication, and Strategy for Church Leaders

6-months, Limited to 14 people



Session Overview

This coaching group will focus on increasing capacity and competency in day-to-day execution as a leader, communicator, strategist—within ministry, life, and theology.

1 - Leadership (Part 1) 10 Characteristics of a great leader & influencer (1-5).  Mark explores the first five of ten foundational characteristics of a great leader or influencer and what we can all do to develop them in ourselves.

2 - Leadership (Part 2) 10 Characteristics of a great leader & influencer (6-10) + The 3 Priorities of a Life and Ministry.  Mark explores the second five of ten foundational characteristics of a great leader or influencer and what we can all do to develop them in ourselves.

3 - Communication (Part 1): Becoming the best preacher and teacher you can be. We will explore the approach to preaching and teaching (theologically and pragmatically) that Mark has found essential in his life and ministry, and pull out principles for all different styles and personalities of people.

4 - Communication (Part 2): Preaching and teaching to un-churched people. We will explore the “why,” the “what,” and the “how” of communicating to un-churched and de-churched people in sermons and smaller teaching environments.

5 - Strategy: How to grow your church, organization, or ministry. Growth doesn’t just happen. It has to be intentional and measurable. Of course it is God that grows a church, or ministry, in anyway, but there are things we must do to co-labor with God to see that happen, as best we can. Those things revolve around establishing the proper values, pouring into people in a particular way, a clear mission, and vision, etc.

6 - The How, the Why, and the What of Ministry. What animates effective ministry, the content of such ministry, and the trajectory of it? How God, the gospel and mission all fit together as the core elements of any thing that is going to impact your church, your people, your city, and your nation.

About Mark

Mark grew up in Toronto in an un-churched family and was a skeptic most of his life. He became a Christian at the end of high school and felt called into pastoral ministry in his early twenties. He got a Bachelor degree in theology and ministry from Tyndale University College (Toronto), and moved to Vancouver in 2004 to attend Regent College, where he received a Masters of New Testament Studies. In 2010 Mark planted Village Church with a core group of 16 people, which has now grown to a vibrant multi-site church of over 5000 people with locations in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada. 

He is passionate about contextualizing the gospel, teaching the Bible, seeing people transformed by Jesus, planting churches, and seeing the gospel advance in North American and beyond. Mark loves to train up leaders in the methods and central priorities of ministry with an emphasis on theological integrity and practical effectiveness. He is the author of The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptics Challenges to Christianity (Zondervan, 2017), and resides in the Greater Vancouver Area with his wife and their three daughters.

Who is this for?

  • Communicators

  • Strategists

  • Multi-Site Leaders

  • Lead Pastors

  • Leaders of Ministry

  • Church Planters

What do I get?

  • 6 exclusive teachings

  • 3 live development sessions for 90 minutes with group

  • A 60-minute one-on-one coaching call (Optional—Mark will review your sermon for 30 minutes and give feedback)

  • A monthly mastermind call with 2-3 peers

  • Private online community (via Slack) to collaborate as a group

  • Access to all video sessions (if you miss a live call)

What do I invest?

  • $185/month or $1,000 one-time (USD)

  • Participation on the 3 live video calls.

  • Engagement in ‘Slack’ online community, sharing questions, ideas, and goals

  • Read books or articles Mark recommends for the sessions

The Steps

1. Apply, then upon acceptance pay tuition before the group is full. 

2. We set you up in your online group, where you can ask questions and connect (via 

3. Start 1st video call on November 12th, growing with Mark over 6 months and becoming who God wants you to be.


Here are the 3 live group sessions: 9:30-11:00AM PST on November 12th, January 14th, and March 10th. If you can't make a session, you will have access to a video recording. 

Don't let your ministry plateau, maximize your leadership & apply below. 

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