Frequently Asked Questions

Is this part of a specific church denomination?

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Tailored Coach is a network of Evangelical Christian Leaders, and is not tied to a specific denomination. We support and equip the big "C" Church (Christians globally), which means diversity in ethnicity, geography, and philosophy of leadership & ministry. 

You will find pastors, writers, speakers, professors, and business leaders on the Tailored Coach platform. We unify around the Gospel, and act to support and administer the coaching groups with no bias towards specific organizations. 

What are the video coaching sessions like? 

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The video sessions will be hosted on 'Zoom Meeting', the most reliable online conferencing out there. You will have a direct, private connection with your coach and group where everyone can see each other and connect. 

Here's a 2-min clip of a coaching session. 

Most sessions will be 2 hours long, with coaches teaching out content and answering questions. 

How does Slack work, and what's the benefit? 

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You’ll also receive an invite to a private Slack group (messaging app) where you can ask your coach and group any question you like. You'll get personal and practical answers on a continual basis for 6 months. Here's a demo on how it's used

A valuable benefit is forming relationships with your group, and sharing creative ideas, resources, and goals as you progress through the session. The stronger the relationships you make, the more value you will get out of the group. 

When will my one-on-one call take place? 

Each coach will make time for a one-on-one call for each participant. Once you are in the group, you will have access to a cloud-based calendar to schedule a 60-minute time block for a call with your coach, once during the 6-months. 

Payment Currency

International participants: please know that all payments will be charged in USD (United States Dollars).

There are no refunds after the cohorts begin, since it's a live coaching course that is limited in participation. Similar to a university class, payments are needed ahead of time to secure the teacher (coach) and make it viable to begin. 

Refund Policy