Bobby greenwood

Leading Young Senior Pastors to Thriving Ministry

6-Months (August - January 2019)

Limited to 12 men

$750 or $150 a month


Session Overview
(over 6 months)  
Leading a church as a young pastor is extremely difficult. Certain steps and principles early on can dramatically help bring health to the life of a new church or ministry.

Session 1:  Foundations of Ministry Leadership

Conviction, Character, Passion, Credibility, and Stewardship

This session walks through these 5 foundations that make ministry leadership possible.  We will talk through the strengths and weaknesses of each one and evaluate ourselves on where we currently are and how we can grow. 

Bottom Line:  Leadership is making outcomes happen that align and protect the mission. 

Session 2: Casting Vision and Creating Ownership

God loves us too much to let us think for very long that we can do it alone.  Power exponentially grows in a united group of people working to the same end.  But unity can’t exist at the deepest level without vision.  Someone has to cast the vision.  It’s much more than just inspiration.  We spend time learning how to cast vision better.

Bottom Line:  Health moving forward requires a strong casting of vision. 

Session 3: Communication Dynamics – Clarity, Authenticity, Urgency

It’s shocking to see how often people get up in front of people and wing it.  It’s terrible to see.  The ability to hold a group of people’s attention for a certain amount of time and communicate important information isn’t easy.  More than ever, we need people in ministry who can articulate with passion the message we have. 

Bottom Line:  Don’t speak into the microphone until you have Clarity, Authenticity, and Urgency. 

Session 4: Creating and Launching Leaders

It’s not hard to build a crowd.  Well actually it sort of is, but the point is you want more than a crowd.  You want to see people go from unengaged to stepping out in leadership.  That’s the game-changer.  Building and establishing leaders is not just delegating tasks, it’s much more. 

Bottom Line:  The gauge of health is leadership development. 

Session 5: Feedback is the breakfast of Champions

You should have a plan to accomplish some things.  That’s good.  But do you have a plan to get better while you are accomplishing those things.  Don’t wake up in 10 years and realize that you have been doing a lot but you haven’t actually gotten any better. 

Bottom Line:  Feedback is the magic pill that makes you get better. 

Session 6:  Learning to Love Metrics

Are we doing better than we were last year?  That’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer for a lot of people.  You can’t just be going off of attendance and giving.  That’s terrible.  Spend some time setting a direction, figure out how to know when you get there, and keep up with the data. 

Bottom Line:  Data is an extremely valuable treasure that you aren’t utilizing. 

About Bobby

Bobby Greenwood is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Fayetteville in Arkansas.

The church began in 2013 when Bobby moved with his family to Fayetteville Arkansas and began casting the vision of Harvest. Bobby and Melanie have three amazing kids, Amelia (18), Eva (12), and Josiah (8).

Bobby has a passion to proclaim the authority of God’s Word without apology. His preaching is built to allow people to not only know what the Bible says, but to also feel the weight of it. In the last several years, he has been able to coach several church-planters that have established themselves as healthy vibrant churches.

Who is this for?

  • Senior Pastors in their first 3 years and Church Planters

What do I get?

  • 6 live video calls (Monthly - 75 Minutes) with your small group, teaching and Q/A (via Zoom Meeting)

  • Recorded 15-20 minute teaching around monthly topic

  • Private online community (via Slack) to collaborate with Bobby and group (12 people max)

  • 1 60-minute video coaching call with Bobby

  • A peer-to-peer monthly call with 2-3 people in your group.

  • Access to video sessions, to rewatch or
    if you missed a call

What do I invest?

  • $150/ month or $750 one-time payment. (USD)

  • Live participation on at least 5 of the 6 monthly calls

  • Engagement in ‘Slack’ online community, sharing questions, ideas, and goals

  • Read books & articles Bobby recommends for the sessions

  • Complete homework and activities that Bobby assigns throughout the sessions

The Steps

1. Apply, then upon acceptance—pay registration before the group is full (12 spots). 

2. We set you up in your online group, where you can ask questions and connect (via Slack.com). 

3. Start 1st video session on , growing with Bobby over 6 months and becoming who God made you to be.

SESSION: August 2018—January 2019 

Here is the group session schedule: Thursday at 10AM on…. If you can't make a session, you will have access to a video recording. 

Become who God made you to be, and apply below. 

Apply Now

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