BJ Thompson

Cross-Cultural Development for Christian Leaders

"A safe place to wrestle with sensitive issues, and the practical tools to engage with confidence."

Very Limited — 12 people (max)


Session Overview

The emphasis of this coaching cohort with BJ will be on cultural competency in Christian leadership in multi-cultural contexts.

1) The history of race & impact of social systems: History is filled with both events of triumph & tragedy but without a clear knowledge of the events that’ve shaped our society, we come to wrong conclusions. In this session we’ll examine the events that’ve shaped the racial climate of N. America & the role Christians played.

2) The difficulty & blessing of diverse friendships: For the past decade Diversity has been used as a buzz word inclusion but what’s not clear are the new implications & tensions associated with a diverse community. In this session we’ll discuss the blessings & difficulties of having diverse friendships & organizational culture. 

3) The power of empathy in a divided world: A 24 news cycle can create a deep sense of powerlessness, especially with issues of injustice based on racial inequality. In this session we’ll discuss the power of empathy & practical ways to make small positive contributions. 

4) The example of Jesus: How does one maturely balance being an advocate for justice & also hold to sound biblical principles? In this session we’ll examine the example of Jesus and how he effectively advocated for justice & obeyed God

5) The profile of an Ally: What’s an Ally? How do you know when you’re officially an Ally for justice, or just another person that merely disagrees with injustice? In this session we’ll discuss the profile and actions of being an Ally. 

6) The Ingredients to construct a diverse culture: How do you create diversity when your friendship circle & organizational culture are homogenous? In this session we’ll discuss the framework & habits that lead to a diverse friend circles and organizational culture. 

About BJ

BJ is a life-coach, speaker, and author who helped launch one of the largest faith movements in recent history, the “116 Movement” with Grammy artist Lecrae. He also served alongside Bryan Loritts to expand ground breaking racial reconciliation work in Memphis, Tn.

He has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and couples all over the world helping them experience personal and relational growth. 

BJ has worked with organizations like Desiring God, Gospel Coalition, & RZIM.

He's been featured in Christianity Today, Reach Record stories, & countless publications for his work in race, relationships, & the Gospel.

Currently BJ serves as the executive director for Build a Better Us. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of North Texas and a master’s degree in Christian studies from Union University He and his wife Vanja have been married 16 years and live in Atlanta with their three children.

Who is this for?


  • Pastors & Leaders who desire to develop and grow a healthy multi-ethnic church, presence in a diversifying world, & cross-cultural friendships.

  • Christian leaders who want to develop multi-cultural competency.

What do I get?

  • 6 live video calls with BJ and small group—2 hours of teaching and Q/A (via Zoom Meeting)

  • Private online community (via Slack) to collaborate with BJ and group (12 people max)

  • 1 60-minute video coaching call with BJ

  • Optional Monthly Peer to Peer Video Call to share ideas/learning

  • Access to video sessions, to rewatch or
    if you missed a coaching session

What do I invest?

  • $990 one time or ($175/month—for 6 months) 

  • Participation in live group coaching for at least 5 of 6 sessions

  • Engagement in ‘Slack’ online community, sharing questions, ideas, and goals

  • Read books or articles BJ recommends for the sessions

The Steps

1. Apply and pay registration before the group is full (12 spots). 

2. We set you up in your online group, where you can ask questions and connect (via 

3. Start 1st group video call TBD, growing with BJ and becoming who God wants you to be. 


Develop a healthy multi-cultural perspective as a Christian leader, apply now. 

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