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Tony Merida

Christ-Centered Preaching and Teaching

Jeremy Writebol

Developing Writers Around Gospel Impact

Jenn Jett Barrett

Unleashing Women With Confidence and Clarity

Susie Larson

Helping Women Live with Purpose & Focus

Jared c. Wilson

Gospel-Centrality & Pastoral Ministry

joy pedrow skarka

Leading Women with Sexual Addiction

Nic Payne

Worship Leading & Gospel Identity

GWen smith

Female Leaders, Writers & Speakers

bj thompson

Cross-Cultural Development

Sean Palmer

Preaching & The Mission of God

Soong-Chan Rah

Cross-Cultural Development

kat armstrong

Crafting Messages & Growing Your Platform

Jurrita williams Louie

Integrating a Theology of Representation in Leadership

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Leading A High Impact Church

Matt Papa

Worship Leading & Songwriting

Wendy alsup

Theology & Women's Ministry

Matt Stinton

Worship Leading & Songwriting

Sharon Sherbondy

Leadership for Kid's Ministry

rich perez

The Gospel, Community, & Hospitality

Dan dewitt

Apologetics & Biblical Worldview

Jonathan Pearson

Millennial Associate Pastors

caleb kaltenbach

Engaging the LGBTQ Community

Elizabeth knox

Build A Sustainable Ministry

Jason whitehorn

Worship & Creative Development

Bailey T. Hurley

Leading A Life-Giving Small Group

Gunnar Johnson

Generosity in the Church

Mark Clark

Leadership & Communication

Jon mccallon

Middle School Pastors

Amy pierson

Reproducible Disciple Making